What makes art amazing? You do! It's all about your interests, what's happening in life, and developing culture. Join a class today to open your mind and encourage your unique creative style, art becomes YOU.  

To focus on making a positive difference, explore emotions, record life experience, and engage my creative spirit is at the heart of my artwork. Through teaching I share my knowledge and artistic process. My group classes are for all ages and levels of experience. I invite you to join me at my art studio, let's explore the creative process together!

Creative Spirit Art is a positively encouraging experience! 

Studio Art Classes, Dover NH

Studio classes for groups closed due to space restriction and safety. See the workshop page for options of Plein Air instruction or to book private instruction with Caryn. 

Creative Spirit Art classes are for all levels of experience. They are designed to guide you through your creative process while introducing you to new techniques using traditional art mediums to create unique one of a kind artwork that reflects your own personal style.

Classes provide demonstration of techniques and time for you to have hands on learning that encourages a sense of play and discovery. 

Enrollment for class is based on a 4 week session that meets once a week during the specified dates and time. New enrollment will be accepted at the beginning of each month. 

Creative Expression 

$120. per session (4 classes once a week)* pre-registration is required

Classes provide young art students the opportunity to express their individuality through drawing, acrylic canvas painting. The basics of art fundamentals and a choice of subjects is an opportunity to engage learning. Individual instruction from artist, Caryn Lynn, is offered to students to help develop techniques. This class is for sparking creative thinking and exploring the process of making art. 

Sketching to Painting Art Class

 $120. per session(4 Classes once a week) pre-registration is required

 Classes focus on exploration of materials to practical levels of skills in drawing and painting. With guidance from Caryn, students will set a personalized goal to complete an individual projects around a subject area of their choice. Students will be responsible to investigate resources for inspiration and find photo references to sketch from. Attention to details and follow through is expected in order to complete artwork.  

Studio Policies


      Pre-registration is required for all classes. On- going registration will be acceptedbased upon space availability. There is a registration fee of $10. per student/ per enrollment of class. With ongoing enrollment there will be only a one time charge for registration fee.


      Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Classes are limited in size to provide individualized instruction. For classes that are full a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate students if space becomes available.

Class Changes

       A two-week notice is required prior to discontinuing or changing a class. You will be responsible for the next month of tuition if notification is not given.


       All tuition payments are due by the 1st class of each month and can be paid by cash or checks made to Creative Spirit Art Studio. A late fee of $10.00 will be added if payment is not made by the second week of the month. There will be a fee of $25.00 for all returned checks.

Attendance, Holidays and Missed Classes

       Students are expected to arrive to class regularly and on time. Please notify the studio if you will be missing class. There are no pro-rated fees for missed classes or closed vacation breaks. The studio will follow the Dover Public Schools with regards to holidays and school closures due to weather. Our studio will be closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break . Studio closure due to weather or canceled due to a teacher absence will be made up at a time arranged by the teacher. If a student cannot attend a scheduled make up class they may attend another class on the schedule with prior arrangement.  

Student Conduct

        In order to promote, a successful learning environment students are expected to conduct themselves with respect for their instructor, other fellow students and the art materials. Parents and students will sign an acknowledgemnet and waiver of risks and liabilities, recognizing that accidents do happen without fault or negligence of any party as stated on the registration form. If necessary the student will be given a verbal warning and a parent will be notified. If there continues to be an issue the student will not be allowed to continue attending classes.

Student Exhibit

         There will be a group exhibit of the students' artwork. Students who wish to exhibit artwork must be enrolled in at least two months of classes prior to the opening of the show. Family and friends are strongly encouraged to attend the opening event to show their support for the students’ work.

  Most classes meet once a week with exception for holidays and school vacation weeks, most art materials are provided . Students will be accepted on a first come basis and class size is limited to 6 students. There is an additional registration fee of $10. per student. Pre-registration is required